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Accounts Payable

Looking for Accounts Payable Bookkeeper? Look no further because D+A Accounting and Bookkeeping, LLC are the number one Brooklyn Bookkeepers. Managing your Payables is one of our specialties. We handle Accounts Payable Bookkeeping for small sized companies to Big Corporations. Get a clear system down to manage cash flow and keep your credit high. We... View Article

Accounts Receivable

Looking for Accounts Receivable Bookkeeper? Look no further because D+A Accounting and Bookkeeping, LLC are the number one Brooklyn Bookkeepers, and managing your Receivables is one of our specialties. We handle Receivables for small sized companies to Big Corporations. You work hard for your money, well we believe you should get every penny. We also... View Article

Production Company Bookkeeping

The “Wall Street Journal’s” Market Watch website reports that Americans spend more than $705 billion on entertainment each year. However, not all of this is profit. Entertainment companies incur a considerable amount of expenses to provide consumers with movies, videos, books, magazines , and music. Establishing a solid, efficient method of Production bookkeeping for your... View Article

Construction Bookkeeper

We at D+A Bookkeeping have been working with Construction companies. We have been working with Construction Businesses for 20 years. As Construction Bookkeepers we understand the in-and outs of the business. A primary concern of general contractors and supporting subcontractors (plumbing, electrical, painting, drywall, insulation, siding, roofing, etc.) is job costing. If a job will... View Article

Benefits of Outsourcing your Bookkeeping

The rise of the online community has changed the way in which we do business.  We are now closer to people that can help with our day to day operations as well as backend business needs, enabling our businesses to run smoother and turn more profit. D+A Bookkeeping is the perfect fit if you are... View Article

Cash Flow Reports and Why they are so Important

At D+A Accounting and Bookkeeping we urge our clients to review their Financial Reports. One report that seems almost always forgotten is the Statement of Cash Flows. As Full Charge Bookkeepers and Accountants we truly value the needs of our clients. We always suggest they review this report. My Uncle owned a retail store for... View Article

Shopping for A Loan

What’s one of the secrets to growing a business? You gotta want it! When it comes to expansion, business owners must have a need or desire to move forward, to partner with someone like a lender who can help the business grow. D+A Accounting and Bookkeeping located in Brooklyn, New York is well skilled to... View Article

Preparing For 2015 Tax Filing

Here are some tax tips to keep in mind when you review with your Accountant and Bookkeeper for 2015 Taxes! Gather all fiscal records. Compile documentation for all your purchases, business expenses, income and records of transactions, pulling all your receipts, bank statements, cancelled checks and paid bills. Your bookkeeper can be a big help... View Article


In a perfect world for business owners payments from clients should always be on time. However, this is not always reality. At D+A Bookkeeping we know what it takes to keep your company running at a smooth and profitable pace. Our staff is well trained in debt collection. When calling customers regarding outstanding invoices it... View Article

Year End Bookkeeping Tips

It is crucial in running a Business is to make sure you pay all taxes on a timely basis. This prevents IRS Audits and penalty fees. D+A Bookkeeping keeps the books tight to avoid any problems for our clients. We would like to share some Year End Bookkeeping Tips to help inform businesses and high... View Article